NELLIS BMX Las Vegas, Nevada


To the sport of BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross)
and our track in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nellis BMX

BMX is a sport for all ages. Some riders start as young as 2 years old and our oldest rider is 50 plus years!

BMX is a family sport. There are no coaches in BMX. Mom and Dad are pit crew and cheering section and are there to shake your hand when you win and dry your tears when you lose or feel discouraged.

Riders of the same age and skill level (proficiency) race their 20" bicycle or 24" cruiser over a 1500 foot long dirt track of turns and obstacles. If you like riding your bike around your neighborhood or on a homemade track or jumps, then you'll like this competitive type of racing on a local, state, national and international level. This type of racing is a lot safer than riding on the street, you have to wear protective gear and your bike must pass a safety inspection.

Nellis BMX is sanctioned by the National Bicycle League and a member of Silver State BMX. The sanctioning body gives BMX racing its organization. They set the rules, provide insurance, issue competition licenses, and keeps track of points to determine track and national rankings. You can contact the NBL at 1-800-886-BMX1.

The Nellis track is built on land owned by Clark County, and is a non-profit, self-supporting organization that has been operating since 1985.  All money collected through registration, concessions, raffles, etc., is used to keep the track operational and safe. 

The races are run by the parent volunteers and others who help to organize the racing schedule, track maintenance, and repairs and run the local races.

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